We Still Need More Players!

Player registrations are coming in; at last count we had over 140 kids between the ages of 5 to 17 that had signed up to play.  Please remember when signing up to do separate registrations for each player participating in the event.  Let us know their skill level and whether they just want to play basketball or hockey.  We would like to be able ensure we have enough loot bags for each player at the event.  The kids will be organized by age groups for the 3 v 3 play.  We are hoping to have 6-9 kids per team to allow for full-out play for 2-3 minutes before blowing the whistle for a full substitution.  Each kid will have equal game time and equal rest time.   The registrations deadline will be for Monday October 11, 2021 at 6pm.  This will allow our team of volunteers to properly organize each team and reach out to the players with the information for sign-in.  Reminder: we are an all-inclusive, pro-choice organization and we do not participate in discrimination or segregation; Everyone is welcome to play and cheer!

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