Paging Don Cherry…..You Are Wanted at The Street Rink!

Don Cherry, almost a year ago on October 17, 2020, did an interview with the Toronto Sun talking about his disappointment of minor hockey being cancelled for the 2020-2021 season.  He is a huge proponent of kids staying active, especially with the game that is near and dear to his heart, hockey.  He was encouraging parents to build outdoor hockey rinks in their back and/or front yards to keep the kids moving and working on their stick handling, puck and skating skills.  He stated that “The politicians and people are protecting their assess and there is nothing anybody can do about that.” 

It would be interesting to see if Mr. Cherry still feels that same way.  We do believe that the grass roots movement of parents and players can do something about it and we want Mr. Cherry to help us out.  We do not want our kids to be erased from the hockey world like Mr. Cherry was almost 2 years ago for sticking up for the Veterans that fought and died for our Freedoms.  We need your help to reach out to Mr. Don Cherry to see if he will join us on October 13th for our Shinny Night in Canada.  Support the kids that have been eliminated from the OMHA and discriminated against for making a personal health choice. 

Don, we know that kid’s hockey was your one source of enjoyment after your elimination from Coaches Corner; help stop the further elimination of our kids from a sport that they love.  Join us on October 13 to bring attention to the powerful grass roots movement of Let The Kids Play!  We know you love going to the games with your son, help us fight back so that other parents can help their children tighten their skates and cheer from the stands as their kids skate proudly on the ice with their team mates.

“Cherry loves to see the youngsters as they develop and has stories about every player in the NHL who came out of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL).” 

As per your suggestion Mr. Cherry, we are putting on a three-on-three street hockey game for the kids outside the ScotiaBank Arena where many of their heroes will be playing inside, their heroes that they are banned from watching live-in-person due to the illegal mandates.

“And though he admits he misses doing Coach’s Corner, he says he misses going to the rink to see a great GTHL game even more.” 

Help us fight back against the discrimination for at least one night and give these kids an incredible experience for them to remember for all times.  These kids have been through enough isolation and segregation, help us give them a night of fun, team comradery, cheering and a chance to meet their hero, who took a stand for the Veteran’s that took a stand for our Rights and Freedoms! 

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