March 17, 2020 The Canadian Government turned our world upside down with the announcement of lockdowns and restrictions on our lives in order to keep us safe from the COVID-19 virus. Our children were locked away from their friends, sports and education facilities. They were even told not to visit grandma and grandpa for fear they would “kill” them. A year into the lockdowns, we finally had enough and decided to bring back some “normalcy” to our lives!

Spring 2021 we hosted our first Picnic in the park. The caution tape was pulled down, tables were set up with potluck dishes, the bbq started and families entered the park for what was to become the first official “play date” in the park. Picnics grew into music fests, information rallies and sporting events. We have had face painting, barbecues, bouncey castles, bouncey slides, arts and crafts, potluck, pizza parties, and much more.

With encouragement and support from Take Action Canada ( we have decided to launch this website called “Game On …Let The Kids Play” ( The goal was to have a site where people can go and look to see what activities for kids are going on in their neighbourhoods. We will be networking with countless groups to spread the site and encourage all individuals organizing kids events to send us their information so we can put it on our site.

The site has added a “Know Your Rights” section to help empower Canadian families to stand in their square with confidence. We understand that Life, Liberty and Security of Person & Property is the cornerstone to being Canadian! In order to take back our lives we need to understand our inalienable rights that are guaranteed under the law. “I Do Not Consent” are the four most important words we need to know right now!