Justice for the Vaccinated!


Despite what we were told, there is sufficient evidence to support the fact that the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out prematurely and the efficacy rates that were promised were not accurate. Additionally, due to the premature emergency rollout of the vaccines, there was a lack of sufficient safety testing, the result being that an untold number people in Canada, the United States and around the world have been injured or died. As the governments continue to mandate additional vaccinations, based on the same faulty premises, more and more people like you are reaching a line that you are unwilling to cross. You feel betrayed and lied to by the authorities and the media. It takes courage to admit that perhaps following these mandates was a mistake, but you are not alone. Millions of people are taking their first step to challenge the vaccine narrative. This website has been crafted to help inform you, and hopefully support your decision to say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” …Its time for Justice for the Vaccinated!


Shinny Night 2.0 on Aug 27th was a resounding success. Children and adults alike had a great time playing street hockey and basketball. There were performers and serious speakers. Freedom is the natural state and people are starting to pay attention and stand up! See the compilation video. Thanks to all that volunteered, performed and participated.


Our first Shinny Night in Canada was a huge success thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and families that participated in the games. We had 8 games of hockey and 1 game of basketball happening all at once with children aged 5 to 17. Happy to report no injuries were had and all the children made new friends, exercised/played for 3 hours continuously, laughter was heard far and wide and a fantastic time was had by all! We could not be happier by the results achieved in just a few short weeks of planning! Our communities came together in just 2-3 weeks, collaborated and co-operated with each other like a well-oiled machine to give our children a night to remember for all time! How many children can say they helped shut down the street on the Leafs home opening game to have their own game of Shinny…..

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all those that contributed their time, donated funds and lent us equipment:

Rise Up Durham Team; Take Action Canada; 76 North Street; Stargate Sound; Ray & Monique; Brad & Scarlett; PPC – loot bags; Dr Emad Guirguis; Dr. Byram Bridle; Amanda Vollmer; Lena Gauthier; Paul Gowdy; Pastor Henry Hildebrandt; Double MC & Ashley Gilmour; Sara & Josh; Jason Kowlayshon; Canadian Frontline Nurses – Kristin, Sarah & Luba; Police on Guard; PPC – Maxime Bernier & Thomas Androvic; Randy Hillier; The New Blue Party – Belinda Karaholios; Nolan; Aaron Downey; Kevin Kline; Bright Light Media; Druthers; All the parents that donated hockey nets for the evening; All the children that joined our games

Welcome Message by Joe & Jody

Our Goals — We are Sport; We are Hockey; We are Canada! We need Canada and the World to know that our kids do not belong to sports federations and to governmental agencies! Our kids should be able to play, learn and assemble without condition. Our Shinny Night in Canada event is an all inclusive event; We will not participate in discrimination nor segregation! Vaccinated or Unvaccinated, both parents and kids are all welcome to attend our event. It is a well-known fact that COVID-19 has very little effect on our kids and they are at extremely low risk of spreading and transmitting it. It makes no sense to mandate any form of COVID vaccination on them. The vaccinations do not stop the spread nor transmission so it makes very little sense to mandate it on anyone, PRO-CHOICE is our stance! It is essential for the physical and mental health of the children, including teenagers, to exercise, to play sports and to socialize. We want to make it clear to Canadians, and to the World, that kids will continue to play, despite all the non-sensical measures that are imposed. The kids are united and are the future of hockey; the future of sports; and the future of Canada!


Have you had enough and would like to break your children out of their government imposed jail?

Good! it is time for you to take action! Host a play date; a sport tournament; a dance; a mystery hunt; a movie night; a potluck; host anything that families would want to participate in. Don’t wait for the Government to “let” you, just do it! Reach out to us and we can advertise your event on our site. Provide for us the details or a poster and we will gladly help you get the word out. Our children deserve some “normal” socialization in their lives, as do you!

With encouragement and support from Take Action Canada we have decided to launch this website called “Game On …Let The Kids Play”.

The goal is to have a site where people can go and look to see what activities for kids are going on in their neighbourhoods all across Canada. We will be networking with countless groups to spread the site and encourage all individuals organizing kids events to send us their information so we can put it on our site.

Please have a look around the website and share with your friends.  This is a grass roots operation to save our children from this insanity and allow us to reclaim some semblance of normalcy.